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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3's page!

We are very excited to welcome Miss Adamson who is our class teacher this year!

We have got off to a great start to the year, emersing ourselves in our fantastic new topic: The Stone Age.
We created our own cave paintings in the style of our pre-historic ancestors (don't worry, we used brown paper, not the walls!)
We also used clay to design and make our own pinch pots.



Miss Adamson is very proud of our non-fiction writing, in which we have been using persuasive devices to write letters. We have been trying to persuade adults to let us change some things about school, like three-day weekends or no homework! (Our writing was amazing, but we're yet to see any changes...!)

In Maths, we have been counting in larger steps to get to know much MUCH bigger numbers! And we have also been looking at how to use formal written methods like the column method to add and subtract larger, tricky numbers.

This shows how grown up we are now we're in Key Stage 2! We're ready for all the challenges that come our way!


Don't forget to check back soon to find out about the other exciting subjects we have been learning.