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Welcome to Class 5's page!

Miss Key is our class teacher this year.

We started both our English and History units this term with "Street Child" by Berlie Doherty. This is a highly recommended novel which tells the story of Jim Jarvis - an orphan living in Victorian England. The story is based on true events that inspired Dr Barnardo to begin his children's charity.
We enjoyed reading about Jim and the different characters he met, and wrote our own chapters for the story.
"Far From Home" is a sequel to the novel which tells the story of Jim's sisters, from whom he is separated before being sent to the workhouse. We are reading this as our whole class reader to find out more about how Victorian children lived.

Our non-fiction work in English has since been about instructions. We've had lots of fun following different sets of instructions before having a go at writing our own!
This has linked to our DT topic of pop-up cards. We've made lots of different pop-up mechanisms, so which one will we choose to write about?...



Some of us made some fantastic creations for our homework by following different types of instructions...



In Upper Key Stage 2, we are becoming more and more independent. This is really important in Science as we begin to question the world around us and how it works. We have been initiating our own scientific inquiries this term.
One of these involved thermal insulators. We designed our own ways of testing which materials were the best thermal insulator...



Our Geography topic is Rivers. We begin by looking at the features of a river - such as source, deltas, mouth - before learning about well-known rivers and what makes them famous. We have been able to develop our mapping and scaling skills by measuring the lengths of rivers on maps...



Check back soon to see news and pictures about all of the work we have been busy producing this term.                  

Spring Term 2018


Once class 5 had finished reading "Ice Trap" their faces were a picture when they found out it was a true story. The majority of children had predicted that most of the crew would not have made the journey back but in fact they all did except a few toes belonging to the stowaway!


Fractions was looking like it was not going to be a popular topic in Maths. There were many groans when they read the learning journey and saw how many steps there were! However they have done very well so far finding equivalent fractions. I have high hopes for the rest. 


In Science they are going to be amazed when they find out the relationship between the size of the Earth, Sun and Moon. 


Speed Stacking was a hit and there were some very speedy stackers. 


In History they are going to imagine they are going on a train journey for the first time. Where are they going to go and is anything going to happen on the way? Hopefully there will be some exciting creative writing.