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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6's page!

We are the oldest in the school so take on lots of responsibilities.
Indy and Willow, Archie and Sophie, and Tyler and Victoria are our Blue, Red and Yellow team captains.
Matthew, Alexander, Indy, Bea, Willow and Victoria are our new Reading Ambassadors, who have been listening to lots of younger children read this term. We love reading and want to share our passion and enthusiasm with others in the school.

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Bea and Alfie were voted as our School Council representatives for the year; they work with the rest of the council and Miss Garner to discuss ways in which we can help the school and others in our community.


Spring Term 2018

Class 6 are back with a bang! We have hit the ground running, working hard in breakfast study club every morning before school. We are all eager to get to school for our drinks and snacks, ready to practise Maths, SPag and Reading questions.


Now that we have finished writing our excellent explanation texts, we are incredibly excited for our new English unit: spooky stories! We are doing our best to scare Miss Gill with our eerie ideas!


Our confidence is growing every day as we continue to work on fractions, decimals and percentages in Maths.


Autumn Term 2017


Our first English topic was a non-fiction unit on information leaflets. We read and learnt the text "Loompaland" using Talk for Writing strategies. Can you guess which famous creature originates in Loompaland?...



We 'built' our own Writer's Toolkit for leaflets and guides by carefully analysing different examples.

We created our own fictional creatures to write about in a non-fiction style, detailing their habitats, diets and special properties.
We then applied all of the skills we had learnt to a non-fiction guide to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio tour which we all enjoyed last year.

Our next English unit linked to our History topic about the Ancient Egyptians.
Before reading the time-travel story, we used different insects and Egyptian models to make observational drawings.



These provided us with great ideas for objects we could use in our own stories to transport characters back to the Egyptian era.

Throughout these units, we have been able to embed our understanding of complex grammar and punctuation.

We have also been enjoying using Vocabulary Ninja's Word of the Day to learn 'oodles' of challenging and varied new vocabulary.




Although lots of people think that Year 6 Maths is scary, we loved the challenges of long multiplication and division this term! We have used our growth mindset and although we may have found things tricky in the beginning, we persevered and conquered formal written methods for multiplication and division! (Some of us now try to use long division whenever we can - we love it so much!)
We're now moving on to using the four operations with fractions and mixed numbers.

And that's just a fraction of our work!

In Science, we started the year with a Light topic ... no - not an easy topic - it was about light, and how it travels!
We became junior opticians when we learnt how we use light and our eyes to see:



(We've not gone bonkers! We used string to demonstrate how light travels from a source, in a straight line, reflects off an object in a different direction, into our eyes. What you can't see here is the complex ways in which the inside of our eyes and our brains flip images so we see them the right way up!)

We also used cheese to calculate the speed of light.



(No - we've still not gone bonkers! Microwaves are half the length of light waves, so by measuring the distance between melted spots of the cheese; doubling it; multiplying it by the frequency of the microwave and then a couple of other calculations.... voila! We calculated the speed of light!)

Our new Science topic is Electricity and Circuits.
We started by getting to know the components of circuits and how these are represented as symbols.
(And by "getting to know" we mean drawing them on post-it notes, sticking them on our heads and asking questions to guess which component we are!)

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(We wonder why Mr Welbourne calls it "Mad Science" in Class 6...)

Our Geography topic is mountains. We know how mountains are formed, which mountains are most famous and reasons for their fame.

As you can hopefully tell, we have been working incredibly hard in Class 6.
Since half term, we have also started attending a SATs study club from 8.15am two mornings a week. We get a chance to practise the Maths, Reading and SPaG skills we have learnt not just this year, but throughout the whole of Key Stage 2.

Don't forget to check back soon to see what else we've been getting up to!


Wednesday 4th October 2017
After our wonderful Harvest singing assembly in church, Class 6 and the school council carried the generous donations of produce to Leverington Sports and Social club for the senior citizens of the community.



Friday 13th October 2017
We had a fantastic time on Maths day, using different skills to complete challenges and learn new things!
We drew parabolic curves, built the tallest possible spaghetti tower and baked pizzas!

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Tuesday 31st October
We enjoyed a more grown-up take on our creative writing day. We took traditional tales that we have been telling since we were five years old and gave them a gruesome or humourous twist. Goldilocks sat on the comfiest sofa to watch Netflix; Red Riding Hood got herself a new wolf-skin coat and Jack cut down the beanstalk with a chainsaw!

Thursday 2nd November
Congratulations to our brilliant English challenge team for participating in this year's English challenge, organised by Cambridgeshire County Council's learning team.
We received a special commendation for our excellent knowledge in the book round! (Funnily enough, they are four of our reading ambassadors!)



Thank you very much to Peckover school for hosting the Wisbech heats.