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All children are continuously assessed by teachers as part of the teaching and learning process. This enables judgement to be made about future learning objectives and targets. Assessing pupils' progress is vitally important to ensure teaching and learning meets the needs of all our children and therefore work can be differentiated accordingly to support the needs of all. All children have targets that show them what they are hoping to achieve and these are updated and changed to meet the needs of individuals.

The Academy policy on assessment is available for parents to read.

During their Reception Year, children are assessed covering the areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Booster classes in English and Maths are small group tuition sessions for Year 6 children led by Miss Garner, focussing on specific learning objectives in order to support children in preparing for the end of Key Stage tests. We also use a range of materials and programmes to support children identified as requiring additional and / or specific learning in reading, writing and maths. These sessions are led by highly-trained Teaching Assistants and some programmes involve parental support to aid progression through homework activities. We aim to provide access to these small teaching groups by many of our children.

Children identified as 'more able' access extension and more challenging learning experiences. If you wish to have further information, please ask our More Able lead, Miss Gill.

All children are assessed termly in English and Maths. Every child is assessed against the National Curriculum Programmes of Study by the teacher. These teacher assessments inform future planning and lead to the final school report.

An annual written report is sent to parents in July. Parents are invited to write their comments and discuss with the class teacher if they wish.