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Care of the Children

The Discipline and Behaviour Management Policy and the Anti-Bullying Policy have been approved by the Governing Body and adopted throughout the Academy.

We aim to promote a warm, happy and positive atmosphere. We ask children to walk, rather than run, in the building and walk on the left-hand side of the corridor in single file to stop accidents occurring; to have concern for the welfare and needs of others; and to be polite to others. There are restrictions on the children’s movement at different times of the day, and these are explained to them.

Our school behaviour is underpinned by 3 key principles: Be Safe - Be Responsible - Be Ready
In September, each class discussed what this would look in their classrooms, around school, at playtimes and lunchtimes and during Computing lessons. A School Council is created in September, where two children from Years 2-6 were nominated and voted for by their peers, and they work with Miss Garner and Mrs Irvine to ensure the smooth running of the school. They use each classes rules to create a school Code of Conduct for the year.

An achievement assembly is held every Friday, and this is an opportunity for examples of curriculum work to be shared with the whole Academy. This sharing of work promotes all subject areas and standards throughout the academy and provides opportunity for children to speak to an audience.Each week, a 'Diamond Learner' is chosen from each class; these do not need be an academic award and we encourage them to be linked to our 'Growth Mindset' approach - where children have been enthused by a challenge and work hard to overcome difficulties and learn from their mistakes. We also like them to link to our learning behaviours: Resilient, Perseverance, Resourceful, Reciprocal, Reflective.

During the week, children receive team points and other class reward systems such as stickers and ‘smiley faces’. We also operate a ‘Star Praise’ system where children are rewarded 5 or 10 star points for good and sustained effort or participation to the academy and / or wider community. For every 100 star points, a metal gold star badge is awarded to wear on the uniform.

We believe in a fair and consistent approach to behaviour management. Children are regularly reminded of the behaviour procedure and expectations.

At Leverington Primary Academy, you can expect your child to enjoy all the benefits of working in a classroom where there are very clear expectations of behaviour, where good behaviour is continuously reinforced by praise, encouragement and rewards and where a child knows exactly what consequences to expect if they choose to go against the rules. Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have the same in-class behaviour system, so all adults have a fair and consistent approach that the children are familiar with.

Following warnings about unacceptable behaviour, children will then miss a lunchtime and be asked to reflect on the behaviour that led to the loss of privilege.

We appreciate and value your support with this.

There is no corporal punishment in the Academy.