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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!


My name is Mrs Pooley and I am going to be your teacher this year. I’m helped in class by Mrs Everett and Mr Sandy. This year we will also have Mrs Brightey working with us as we help her learn how to be a teacher!


I really enjoy being creative and it’s my job to make sure that all the classes plan exciting and interesting lessons in Art, Music and Design Technology. As well as looking after Class 1, I’m also the owner of Ralph our school dog. He is looking forward to coming into school more often this year. Ralph is a very loving dog and is a good listener when you are feeling worried or unhappy. He will spend most of his time with Mrs Willett but will sometimes visit us in class.


In English we will continue to build upon our super writing skills we learnt in Reception. The start of term will see us describing story settings which will help us later in the year with our story writing. Our Design Technology unit is making a moving story book, but we need some instructions. So, we will be writing our own instructions alongside this practical study. We will continue to follow our Sounds Write phonic programme. At the end of Reception, we learnt that sounds can be written in more than one way; after a quick recap we will continue with this learning.


In Maths we will make sure we are confident in our recognition of numbers when they are shown in different ways. We will be introducing number lines and using our knowledge of place value to compare numbers. In class we will continue to practise our recall of number facts to 10 and with identifying odd and even numbers.


This year we have lots of exciting new studies. In Art we will be developing our drawing skills and creating a portrait of Ralph. I just hope he keeps still long enough!

In Science we will study wild and garden plants and look carefully at those we can find in our school environment. Our science work will also see us learning about the four seasons and how the weather and our activities change throughout the year.

As we move towards Christmas our history study will be focussed on toys now and in the past and how they have changed over the years. We would love to hear of any childhood memories from older generations in your family!


Music will be exciting as always, and we will be learning about pitch, rhythm, tempo and duration. Each unit this term will be based on a theme such as ‘Animals’ and ‘All about me!’. In each unit we will be listening to a range of music and learning about various composers.