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Class 2

If you would like to send in any work for Miss Gill to look at, or if you have any questions or queries regarding the work that has been set, please email

These accounts will be monitored between 9:00am and 3:15pm every weekday.

Science Activity - Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April

Log in to Purple Mash and check your 2Dos: there is a Science quiz recapping our unit on living things, non-living things and things that have never lived. Complete some time this week if you can. 

Topic Activity - Friday 27th March - Friday 3rd April

Log in to Purple Mash and check your 2Dos: create a fact file on African safari animals. (You have one week to complete the 2Do - I will look at them and leave a comment next Friday!) 

English Activity - Wednesday 25th March


Sunny is still in Australia living with the kangaroos and koalas! 

Can you make him a postcard telling him about what you've been doing at home?

You could take a photograph or draw a picture of where you are for the front of your postcard and write your message on the back.

Don't forget to include: 

  • Who you're writing to;
  • Where you're writing from;
  • Who you're with;
  • What the weather has been like;
  • What activities you've been doing;
  • What food you've been eating;
  • Who it's from.

You could also ask Sunny a question about what he's been doing in Australia. 

Try to use adjectives to describe where you are, what the weather has been like and what food you've been eating. Also try to use conjunctions such as and, but, so, because, if, when to extend your sentences. 


Draw a stamp and address the postcard to: 

The Outback Shack


Under the hot sun



You can ask adults to help you send a photograph to Miss Gill at the email address at the top of the page!

Maths Activity - Wednesday 25th March


In Maths we have been learning about 2D shapes.

We started looking at vertical lines of symmetry where an image is reflected in a mirror line.



Talk about it/ Think about it ...

Annie has drawn a vertical line on each shape, but which ones show a line of symmetry? Which shapes have an accurate reflection either side of the line?  



Talk about it/ Think about it ...

True or false: 



Draw it...

Now, in your pink home learning book, try to draw these shapes with a ruler or straight edge. Draw the vertical mirror line. Can you reflect the shape in the mirror line to make the shapes symmetrical? Can you name the shape underneath once you have finished it by counting the sides and vertices? 




You could try to draw your own symmetrical shapes, patterns or pictures. 

Look around the house and garden: which 2D shapes can you see? Do they have a vertical line of symmetry? Where would the line go? 

Topic Activity - Wednesday 25th March


Task 1

Use the worksheet above as a starting point to draw or write about the landscapes of Kenya and Africa. 

Use image searches online (with an adult) to find more ideas. 

Try to use as many adjectives as you can to describe the landscape and what you can see in the images above. Use the word bank below to help you. 




All of the images for African Landscapes have been purchased by the school from Plan Bee and will be removed from this website immediately after the school closure period. These are not intended to be copied or used other than for Class 2's home learning activities.