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Class 2

This year, Miss Bell is our class teacher. We will be supported by Mrs Edwards and Mr Sandy to help us learn in Class 2.

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In Maths, we will be continuing our learning of place value and improving our number fluency through using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.

We will also be having a weekly arithmetic session to practice our number fluency.


We are continuing with phonics and will be learning that sounds can be represented by more than one spelling. Our phonics will help us to develop our segmenting skills so we can spell words with the target sound. We will also work on blending to help us read words.


In English reading, we will be reading several books and learning different techniques to help us understand the texts.

Our books are: The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg, The Street Beneath My Feet, Grandad’s Island, Paddington and finally, The Christmas Pine.


For our English writing units, firstly, we will be retelling a narrative followed by writing character descriptions. Next, we will be using poems to develop our vocabulary which is linked to our textiles unit. After, we will be creating formal invitations and finally we will be looking at stories from other cultures.

This year, we will be launching Exciting Writing which is a piece of writing which will give children the freedom to be creative and independent. Children will be given a stimulus that they will use and be able to showcase their writing talents.


Geography: In Geography, we will be learning about human and physical features in our environment.

Art: In our Art lessons, we will be learning about how different mark making tools can be used to make different markings.

Science: We will be investigating living things and their habitats through working scientifically. We will also be studying animals, including humans and revisiting previous Year 1 learning.

History: In History, we will be studying the Gunpowder Plot and finding out why we remember the 5th November.

D&T: For our D&T lessons, we will be creating our own pouches through sewing and making a moving monster.

RE: In RE we will be learning about Christianity and Christmas.


Our first unit of music will be about African call and response and the theme of this is animals.

The second unit we will be learning about is Orchestral instruments and the theme is Traditional Western stories.


In PSHE we will be learning about Family and Relationships. We will also be learning how to be good citizens.


With Mr Sandy, we will be learning about computers and how to use word processing software.


There is a creative homework for all children to complete over the first half term. This is going to be about our Science unit which is Living Things and Their Habitats. Children will need to find different living things and then draw or create their own habitat for any living thing.