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Class 3

You are more than welcome to send any picture or work to: however these accounts will no longer be monitored daily as teachers are back in class. If you have a question or query, please contact the school office.
Please note: If your child is finding the work tricky then you could always access the work from the previous year group. There is no need to print off any of the sheets but you can jot down workings out and answers in the books that were provided.

Monday 18th May- Friday 29th May: Around the World- Indoor and outdoor activities

Remember to use numbots/TTRS and check Purple Mash for set tasks. Some of you have done some amazing work on Purple Mash. Don't forget to finish a 2Do and hand it in so I can comment on it (I've seen some great part finished work on there).


I would love to see what you're getting up to at home. Please email me!


I am missing you all very much!


Miss Yusuf smiley

WB 11th May 2020

Optional Writing

Remember to use numbots/TTRS and check Purple Mash for set tasks!


Don't forget the indoor and outdoor activities. These are set each fortnight with a different theme (see below under 4th May). Last week and this week is 'circus!'


I would love to see what you get up to. Email me if you can! smiley

Fortnightly indoor and outdoor activities- 4th May-15th May

Remember to keep using TTRS/Numbots and Purple Mash.
Remember to keep using TTRS/Numbots and Purple Mash, checking for any tasks I have set!

If you find the Maths work on fractions tricky, try class 2's work on fractions!


Try to complete 5 minutes on TT Rock stars or Numbots. I have set you some times tables.


I have also set some 2Do's on Purple Mash.

Fortnightly indoor and outdoor activities- 20.4.20- 1.5.20

If you would like to do some extra writing, you could try 'story starter,' 'question time,' or 'sick sentences' from the document attached on the Queen Bee.



Thursday 2nd April

Don't forget to check your Purple Mash for 2Dos. I have added some activities for class 3 to try! smiley

Thursday 26th March 





Every time you read a chapter of your book, roll a dice and use your prediction skills to complete the sentence:




Can you write a non-chronological report about an animal of your choice? Remember to use the features that we have been learning about:

Heading- tells you what the report is about.

Introduction- A paragraph summing up what the report is about. Try to capture the reader's interest!

Subheadings- Could be in the form of questions or categories like 'appearance.'

Paragraphs- Giving clear information under the subheadings.

Technical vocabulary- technical or scientific words related to your animal.

Present tense and third person- Examples- 'Werewolves are,' 'They eat,' 'It has.'

Extras- pictures/diagrams, fact files and bullet points.



This week's spellings are:













Find out what each word means and try to write it in a sentence.





You can use multiplication to scale up and division to scale down.



Can you now rewrite the recipe below for 24 people?




How would you change the recipe if it was for 6 people? Can you show/explain how you worked it out?



Extra activities



You could have a go at scaling your own recipe up or down and making it for the members of your household.



Scaling game (see word document).





Look through the slideshow then complete the questions about the graph.



Use the graph to answer the questions.