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Class 3

Miss Boyd is delighted to be teaching Class 3 again this year, and we are lucky to have Mrs Webb and Mr Welbourne supporting us too!




Because we are learning so much new vocabulary in our English and topic studies, we have decided to make Mrs Wordsmith vocabulary lessons a homework activity. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, teachers will upload a new ‘word of the day’ with a voice note explaining its definition; children can then complete a short activity about the word’s synonyms and antonyms. On Thursdays, there will be an activity summarising the words learned so far. These should take around ten minutes to complete.


We continue to expect children to read for 20 minutes daily; this can be recorded as a voice note on Showbie once a week. Children will have an Accelerated Reader book which is aimed at their most recent reading level, based on word recognition and comprehension. Children will also have a ‘free reader’ book that they have chosen from our class library. Children are likely to need support reading some of these texts, so we encourage adults or older siblings to read these to the children to promote reading for pleasure.


We recommend children use Times Tables Rockstars to practise their multiplication and division facts for 5 to 10 minutes daily.


Throughout the year we will be covering a wide range of subjects and topics. Take a look at the things we will be learning about…



We are continuing with phonics and will be learning that sounds can be represented by more than one spelling. Our phonics will help us to develop our segmenting skills so we can spell words with the target sound. We will also work on blending to help us read words.

We are going to develop our phonics skills even further by learning various polysyllabic words. This will help us understand that some words can be made up of more than one syllable.




Our writing this term will focus on many different genres. We have started the term by writing first person narrative descriptions, followed by some non-fiction pieces; non-chronological reports and formal letters to complain.
Towards the end of the year, we will be working on narrative pieces which include dialogue and some themed poetry.


Exciting Writing

This year, we are launching Exciting Writing lessons in which children have the freedom to use all they have learnt in their English units to write independently and creatively. Children will be given a writing genre and stimulus to work from but are free to use the techniques they feel best showcase their writing talents. We will edit their first drafts in a following lesson and refer to these published pieces throughout the year to demonstrate the progress in our writing.



In class, we now have daily reading lessons using high-quality texts from a range of genres. We are starting our reading lessons with 'Greta and the Giants'; a non-fiction text based on the young environmental activist, Greta Thunberg. We will then be reading ‘Pebble in my Pocket’; another non-fiction text which tells the story of the history of the Earth.

Our focus will then be fiction, where we will be reading 'Leon and the Place Between' and, at Christmas, we will be looking at the classic poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’.


Topic Studies

Art: We have started the term with an art unit, looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and exploring various painting techniques which create texture.

RE: Our RE work this term will focus on Christianity; exploring Jesus’ miracles and whether Christmas has lost its true meaning.

Science: In Science, we will be learning about rocks; the different types (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) and how they are formed. We will also learn about the fossilisation process.

Additionally, we will learn about animals, including humans, focussing on how our bodies move (muscles and bones) and what we need to do to stay healthy.

MFL: We will begin to learn French, covering the basics, such as: greetings, how we are feeling and size, colours and shapes.

History: Our history study will focus on how life changed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Geography: In geography, we will be learning about the United Kingdom, looking at both human and physical features.



PE will be taught on Tuesday afternoons by Miss Boyd and on Friday afternoons by the POSH coaches. We will be learning lots of different skills, including the ‘fundamentals’ of physical education, yoga and dance.



Mr Sandy will continue to teach computing on alternate Fridays. This term we will be introduced to the concept of networks, learning how devices communicate with each other. We will also learn how to send emails with attachments and how to be a responsible digital citizen.



For our music lessons, we will be learning what ballades are, how to identify their features and how to convey different emotions when performing them. Using an animation as inspiration, we will carefully select vocabulary to describe a story, before turning them into lyrics to create our own traditional ballad. We will also be creating our own compositions to 'tell stories through music' based on the theme of mountains. This unit will focus on dynamics, pitch and tempo and how they can change throughout a piece of music.



Mr Welbourne and Mrs Webb will be helping the class learn PSHE on alternate Fridays, beginning with a unit on how to resolve relationship problems, looking at the impact of bullying and what action can be taken. We will also be exploring trust, thinking about who we should trust, as well as learning that stereotyping can exist and how this affects people.





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