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Welcome to Year 4's Class page.


It seems the Autumn and Spring Terms have flown by, and our Summer Term is set to be just as busy however we have lots to look forward to as well!


Here are some of the highlights from the school year so far...




Homework continues to be set weekly in Year 4, and we ask that children attempt of it as they can. This will be available on Showbie to complete online, or there is the option of having a paper copy too each week. We ask that everyone tries to read for 20 minutes each day;  either with their Accelerated Reader book [which is aimed at their most recent reading level] or with their ‘free reader’ book that they have chosen from our class library. Children are likely to need support reading some of these texts, so we encourage adults or older siblings to read these to the children to promote reading for pleasure.


TT Rockstars is always a firm favourite as homework too. Even 5 to 10 minutes practice a day would be a great help. 


If your child ever needs any help or support, they just need to speak to an adult in class. 


Here is an overview of the topics we will be covering during the summer term:


Here is an overview of what we are learning during the Summer Term.



We will be writing our own short stories this term, using Varjak Paw as inspiration. The main aim is to create and build tension and suspense in our writing. This book will give us lots of chances of other styles and pieces of writing too. After half-term, we will create our own non-chronological reports using Animalium as our model text. In our Reading lessons we will be using ‘Varjak Paw’ and ’The Girl who stole an Elephant’ to strengthen our summarising, retrieval and inference skills.




During this term, we will spend some time looking at key homophones and near homophones, as well as looking closely as spellings which involve the ‘sion’, ‘tion’ , ‘cian’ and ‘ssion’ ending. There will also be opportunities to recap and revise key statutory spellings from the Year 3 and 4 National Curriculum.



Our 'Fast Maths' daily activity will continue in preparation for the DfE Multiplication Check in June. This activity helps to improve the fluency and recall speed of the times tables facts. 

This term we have a big focus on Fractions - finding fractions of amounts, looking at fractions on a number line and making connections with decimals too. We will also have a weekly arithmetic lesson to help to revise and improve children's addition, subtraction, multiplication or division skills, which will then help them to solve trickier word problems. 


Science Study - Sound

In Science, our lessons on Sound will look the properties, movement, pitch and loudness associated with Sound. We will learn about what sound is and how it travels; as well as finding patterns between the pitch of a sound, the volume of a sound, and the strength of its vibrations.



History Study— The Romans

During this topic we will look at the Roman Empire and the impact it had on Britain. During this time, we will look at what life was like for them and their beliefs, as well as looking at the invasion of Britain, and the resistance and change that came about because of it. We are also working with 'Stage and Screen' to create a short play which will showcase everything they have learnt in this topic. 




We will be getting a feel for the music and culture of South America, where we will be introduced to samba and the sights and sounds of the carnival. It will be a great opportunity for us to experiment and get creative with our own music making. 


Art Study - 3D & Collages

As a class, we will also learn about how we can use shape and colour to create the illusion of movement within a picture, as well as learning about a famous artist named Alberto Giacometti. 



During our PSHE lessons, we will focus on developing our knowledge of  citizenship and appreciating community diversity, and our RE focus this term will be on Buddhism. We will learn about how this religion is different to others, with a key focus on learning about ‘The Eightfold Path’.




 These lessons will continue to develop our ‘touch typing’ skills, and learn how to use different apps and the features within them. From this, we will then look at how websites are designed and what they are used for, before we explore designing our own.



Our lessons for the Summer Term will go back to a Monday and will be led by Miss Sugden. These lessons will focus on Fitness first, before moving onto Outdoor Adventurous activities. Their second lesson will continue to be on a Friday and will be delivered by POSH. These lessons will start off with Rounders and lead onto Athletics after the May half-term.