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Class 4

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Welcome to Year 4!


I am so excited to welcome the children into my classroom. We have so much to look forward to over the coming term, and I can’t wait to see what wonderful work they can produce.


This year, the Class 4 Team is made up of Miss Sugden, Miss Thompson and Miss Morris; and we are all ready and raring to go, to make sure we have a fantastic year together!



Because we are learning so much new vocabulary in our English and topic studies, we have decided to make Mrs Wordsmith vocabulary lessons a homework activity. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, teachers will upload a new ‘word of the day’ with a voice note explaining its definition; children can then complete a short activity about the word’s synonyms and antonyms. On Thursdays, there will be an activity summarising the words learned so far. These should take around ten minutes to complete.


We continue to expect children to read for 20 minutes daily; this can be recorded as a voice note on Showbie once a week. Children will have an Accelerated Reader book which is aimed at their most recent reading level, based on word recognition and comprehension. Children will also have a ‘free reader’ book that they have chosen from our class library. Children are likely to need support reading some of these texts, so we encourage adults or older siblings to read these to the children to promote reading for pleasure.


We recommend children use Times Tables Rockstars to practise their multiplication and division facts for 5 to 10 minutes daily.


Here is an overview of the topics we will be covering this half term:



Our Writing for the Autumn Term will focus on creating our own adventure stories, producing our own newspaper reports and crafting diary entries; all based on different short stories and modelled texts. In our Reading lessons we will be using 'The Queen's Nose', 'The Boy at the back of the class' and 'The Raven' to strengthen our summarising, retrieval and inference skills. 


Exciting Writing

This year, we are launching Exciting Writing lessons in which children have the freedom to use all they have learnt in their English units to write independently and creatively. Children will be given a writing genre and stimulus to work from but are free to use the techniques they feel best showcase their writing talents. We will edit their first drafts in a following lesson and refer to these published pieces throughout the year to demonstrate the progress in our writing.



Each week we will focus on a different spelling rule, and this term will include rules that focus on the: ‘I’ sound using a ‘y’, many prefixes including il,  in, ir, im, dis and mis, as well as important suffixes such as –ation, and ly. In addition to this, we will also look at 3 words taken from the Year 3 & 4 Spelling list.



Much of the Autumn term will focus on recapping and strengthening our knowledge of Number and Place Value and applying this to different problem solving and reasoning questions. This will then extend into looking at Number Facts as well as Addition and Subtraction. Each week we will focus on learning and recalling a different Times Table.


Science Study

During the Autumn term we will look at Habitats and how living things can be grouped in a variety of ways, explore and use classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things. As well as this, we will look at how environments can change and how they can sometimes pose dangers to living things.


History Study—Anglo Saxons

During this topic we will look at who the Anglo Saxons were, where they came from and why they came to Britain. Lessons will also look at the way they lived their lives, the kingdoms that were formed, and how religion influenced their lives.



We will explore the rainforest through music and focus on new musical terms. The class will use a mixture of body percussion & percussion instruments to create their own rhythms of the rainforest.


Art Study

When drawing we will refine our drawing skills, focusing on lines and detail, and when painting we will look to examine in detail a part of a flower using magnifiers and viewfinders before sketching and then enlarging it. As well as learning different painting techniques.



PSHE lessons will look at and explore families, relationships and friendships how they differ and how they can be respected. In RE we will focus on Christianity, in particular Christmas—exploring What is the most significant part of the nativity story for Christians today? 



This term will allow Class 4 to continue to develop their coding skills with Scratch and understanding more about computing systems and their networks.



PE will be taught on Monday afternoons by Miss Sugden and on Friday afternoons by the POSH coaches. Our lessons on a Monday will begin with gymnastics, and focusing on balances and using these to create an imaginative routine.