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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

Miss Yusuf tells Class 3 a bit more about herself as they get ready for Year 4 together!

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For the first half term, Class 4 will be learning about Ancient Greece.


We will be plotting the Ancient civilization on to a timeline and thinking about how this civilization has influenced the modern world. Therefore, we will be learning about how democracy in Athens worked by the children taking on different roles and acting it out.


We will be learning about significant events in the history of Ancient Greece, children will then be picking their favourite event to research and create a PowerPoint presentation about it.


We will also be studying the Greek Empire, key battles and writing these up as a news report.


We will be looking at key aspects of Ancient Greek life that are still relevant today including the Olympics. The children will then organise their own Olympic games!


Our History unit will link closely to our DT unit where the children will taste a range of Greek foods and then plan their own version of their favourite Greek dish.


In Art, we will be using collage to create Greek mosaics