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Welcome to Class 4's page!

We have started our year working very hard for Mrs Irvine, our class teacher.



We started our English work this year, reading and writing African Traditional tales. Why African? Because we are learning all about the continent of Africa in Geography!
Firstly, we read a brilliant traditional tale and learnt it by heart using a text map. We discussed all of the important features that made it such a good story. We were then able to 'build' our own stories using the structure and features of the one we had read.



News flash!
Somewhere between the hours of 7pm on Monday 16th October, and 7am on Tuesday 17th, a suspicious event occured in Class 4! Children were unable to use their classroom until a forensic team had investigated an alarming scene. Class 4 conducted their own investigation into the bones that were discovered in school. They collected evidence - including fingerprints - from members of staff in order to identify the culprit!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Visit Class 4 for more information about these alarming events - or read their newspaper articles to find out more!

Our first Science topic this term involved the digestive system. We learnt all about the organs and their functions for digesting food. One of our favourite parts of this topic was making faeces!(Yuck!)



Now, we are looking at how to keep our teeth healthy. We conducted an experiment to see which drinks can be most harmful to our teeth. Rather than drinking lots of these ourselves and rotting our own teeth away, we left egg shells in liquids for a week. (Did you know: the egg shells are the best replica for the enamel of our teeth?)



Our DT topic has been about bread. Before turning it into excrement for Science, we tried lots of different flavoured breads in a taste test. We were lucky enough to go to our local Tesco store to get a tour of their bakery. We were shown how different types of dough are made and baked into bread. We made our own bread rolls - just in time for lunch!
Thank you to Wisbech Tesco for having us - we all had a brilliant time!

Check back soon for more news and pictures of our wonderful work!

Spring 2018

After a fun Christmas, Class 4 are back and working hard. We have started our new English unit based on non chronological reports. The children are inspired and have enjoyed learning about crocodiles and snakes. 

There was no surprise in the fact that they loved the gory facts!