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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!

Mr Copeman introduces himself to Class 5 ready for September!



Spellings for this term will focus on word classes and spelling patterns. We will be looking at modal verbs and words with silent letters.




We will be studying non-fiction, explanation, texts.

The children will be creating their own explanation texts explaining how a fictional machine works.



We are continuing our work on multiplication and division methods and looking at finding factors and multiples of numbers. We are also learning how to identify prime and square numbers.


History Study


We have been studying the Ancient Romans and learning about their time in England.


 Science Study


We are doing two mini-topics this term: Earth and Space and Forces.


 Art Study

Our Art study this term is linked to the Roman study of last term and we will be making our own version of Roman mosaics.



We will be coding in our computing sessions this term. We will be looking at how to troubleshoot our code and solve problems.




We will be continuing our study of the Hindu faith and understanding how they show commitment to their religion.



For our “Artist of the Week” we will be listening to a variety of artists including Fleetwood Mac and Dolly Parton