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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6 with Miss Gill!

Get to know a bit about Miss Gill before you join her in Year 6 from September!

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During spring 1 half term Year 6 will be partaking in a history topic of Titanic. We will be learning about when the Titanic was in history, what the Titanic was, where it set sail from, where it was heading to, where it sank and what caused the seen to be unsinkable ship to sink.


The children will be creating portraits of people and boats linked to this within their art lessons and will also be writing extended pieces of writing of balanced arguments, leaflets and newspaper articles.


Within music we will be practising our songs ready for Young Voices as well as learning the exciting dance moves to go with these songs.


Our English topic this half term will be a picture booked called ‘Varmints’ which is based around a vermin like creature; lots of different writing opportunities will be created through this exciting text.


In maths we will be learning fractions, decimals and percentages. I look forward to yet another fun filled half term!