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Class 6

Welcome to Year 6


I am thrilled to be working with the children again this year and welcome you to the year 6 class page.


The year 6 team this year includes Mr Copeman, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Willett and Mr Sandy.


Please continue reading to find more information about the topics and studies that will be covered during this term…

Topics for this Term



Our spelling work this term will look at understanding phonemes within words and how they make different sounds.


Spellings will be tested every Friday, with results posted on Showbie.



Our History Study for this term looks at the history and experiences of the Windrush Generation and charts their varied experiences during their time in Britain. The children will be learning about the original trip of the Empire Windrush and how the people that were on that original trip were treated and how they settled in to their new lives in Britain.



Our Music study for this term looks at rhythms and beats with repeating patterns.



Our first unit in English this term will be looking at narrative writing with a moral. The children will investigate stories with morals in them and learn how to structure such pieces of writing. They will then attempt to write their own, first person, narrative story with a moral.



Our science this term will focus on living things and their habitats. We will investigate how different animals, breeds and species are sorted and organised and look at how the work of scientists such as Carl Linnaeus shaped the way we think about the natural world.



Our PSHE study for this term involves helping the children understand how different changes affect them and how they can cope with these changes.



We will begin the term by looking at place value of numbers up to 10,000,000. The children will practice finding different ways of partitioning numbers and how they can use this knowledge to solve problems. We will also be building our knowledge of measure, and the conversion of measures into our work throughout the term.



Our art study for this term looks at developing skills when it comes to sketching. We will look at different drawing and sketching techniques using pencil tones and different pencil grips.



Our computing work for this term will look at the groundbreaking code work and early computing skills that were employed during World War 2 at Bletchley Park. Children will also learn how this work led to the eventual invention of the modern day computer.




Homework, spellings and Mrs Wordsmith words will be delivered through Showbie. Children have their Showbie QR logins in their green reading journal and most know their logins off by heart at this point anyway. 


They also have their TTRockstars logins stuck in their green books to use at home as well.