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PSHE, including SRE

Work is planned using the Cambridgeshire Scheme of work for PSHE, ensuring all children can develop personally and socially. Aspects covered include friendships and relating to those around us, feelings and how we cope with them, manners and different social contexts, care of our bodies and keeping healthy, growing up and sex education, the use of medicines and drugs and protecting ourselves in various situations.

The promotion of high self-esteem is considered important for all children. We are also promoting and developing a Growth Mindset culture across school, where children are confident to learn from their mistakes, develop resilience and change their words and mindset from "I can't do it!" to "I can't do it...yet!"


We promote a culture of positive mental health and wellbeing, overseen by our Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead. We have a designated safe space in school, The Haven, which gives children a quiet area for reflection or for sharing their thoughts and feelings. We understand the potential impact on learning that mental health and wellbeing issues may create and work our hardest to ensure these are addressed quickly and solutions are found.


Our school dog, Ralph, has also had a positive impact since he joined us. It also encourages children to attend, as there is a sense of excitement amongst them when Ralph is in school.