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1st June 2020
18th May
11th May
Week commencing 4th May 2020
Optional Extra Creative Writing Activity:
Fortnightly Indoor/Outdoor Activities
Week Commencing 27th April 2020

Bog Baby

The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward

Week Commencing 20th April


Wednesday 1st April.


Log into Purple Mash- I have set tasks for you to complete. Enjoy! 

Home learning work set 25.03.2020


Literacy activity


Write a fact file about your favourite zoo animal. It can be linked to the class book 'Dear Zoo' or feel free to research a new zoo animal. You can include where they live, what they eat and what they look like. Don't forget to use a capital letter to start each new sentence, have clear finger spaces and use a full stop to finish your sentence. 


Remember to use your phonic knowledge to sound out words and the words list sent home will be useful to use. 


Numeracy activity


Either in your garden or when you are on a walk, count how many flowers you can see. Can you group them by colours, what type of flower they are or where you saw them? Use the numbers to count in order, find one more and one less or use the number to make simple addition and subtraction number sentences. For example, if you find 8 daffodils: 4+4=8, one more than 8 is 9 or 6 yellow flowers take away 2 white flowers equals 4  6-2=4.  



Topic activity


Design your own farm. Sadly we missed our school trip to the farm, but don't feel too sad as now you can make your own farm! Think about what farm animals you would include, where they need to sleep and what jobs they do on the farm. (Think back to class learning- pigs, cows, sheep.) 


You can complete this in the pink school books sent home or record in any other interesting way; the choice is yours!