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Welcome to Reception!

From September, Reception's class teacher will be Miss Vargeson! She would like to introduce herself to LPA's newest members...

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As we move into spring term Reception are following the topics fairy tales and down in the farm.


The first term will focus on fairy tales. We looked at The Gingerbread Man, The three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children will take part in science experiments of finding out what would happen if the Gingerbread Man got wet, find out what materials would keep him dry and how to make the strongest chair for baby bear.


They will use their creative side to create art pieces related to fairy tales, including painting, sticking and construction materials. Included in this, reception will explore Chinese New Year and take part in pancake day.


Numeracy will include 2D and 3D shapes, number bonds to 5 and numbers up to 20.


In Literacy reception will be using the book Biscuit Bear to write instructions on biscuit making.


After half term, Reception will enjoy the topic Down on the Farm. We will be looking at farm animals and their young, what happens on a farm and creating vegetable art work.


In Numeracy Reception will cover addition and subtraction, number bonds to 10 and continue to looks at shapes.


During Literacy we will be looking at the book Dear Zoo and adapting the story line following Talk For Writing.