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Hello everyone,


My name is Miss Coates and I will be your class teacher in Reception this year. I am very excited to be your class teacher and I cannot wait to have lots of fun this year. We will be reading lots of different stories and exploring lots of exciting activities. 


Mrs Pryor will also be in Reception this year. Mrs Pryor will be outside with the children on a Wednesday afternoon, exploring the outdoor environment we have and making some lovely outdoor resources.


Ms Brock will also be helping the children learn in Reception this year. Ms Brock will be playing with the children, getting messy and extending their vocabulary and knowledge through exciting activities and games.


During our literacy lessons, we will be following Talk for Writing to develop our speech and internalising different texts to widen our vocabulary. We will be using actions to help us memorise the text which the children can show you at home. We will be looking at the text: ‘The little Red Hen’ which will link to our development of Understanding the World, as in the text the little red hen bakes bread.



We will have a phonics lesson every day where we will learn different sounds. During the first half term we will be learning the sounds: a, i, m, s, t, n, o, p, b, c, g, h, d, f, v, and e. We will focus on word building with these sounds of CVC words like: mat, vet, big and mop. We will also learn the high frequency words: is, a, the, I, for, of. These will also come home on flashcards for the children to learn by sight first and then how to spell them. Videos showing correct pronunciation of these sounds and formation of these letters will be available for you on Showbie.



We will be learning that numbers represent an amount of objects. For example, the number 3 is 3 biscuits. You can support the children by counting objects in the home. You can do this by counting the steps when you walk up the stairs, counting cars when you walk to school and asking if you would like one more piece of fruit for snack time.


We will also be looking at patterns within objects to match them, as well as sorting objects into 2 or more groups. We will be discussing the similarities and differences between different objects in order to sort them.

We use Numberblocks to help the children learn and engage in their maths. Below is a link to some of the Numberblocks videos and resources that you could watch with your children at home:


Understanding the World

We will be learning about how wheat grows and how wheat is extracted from fields to create flour. We will be learning about the different ingredients we need to make bread. We will learn how to bake bread and tasting it ourselves.


Creative Arts and Design

We will develop our creativity using block foam bricks as well as using ‘loose parts’ to make up our own imaginative worlds. In art and craft, we will use a range of media such as paint, pencils and craft materials to create self portraits. We may get messy but we will enjoy ourselves while we do this!



In PSHE we will discuss our emotions this half term and use circle times to allow the children to tell us how they feel about school and to share their thoughts and feelings. The children will have many opportunities to discuss how they feel. We will also discuss how other people may feel in different situations.



In RE we will be discussing similarities and differences between people. We will read lots of stories about inclusion and diversity. These will be discussed as part of a class discussion where all children have the opportunity to listen and discuss their thoughts.



Showbie is our online platform where you can upload pictures of any 'WOW' moments your child has completed at home. This could be counting, building a sandcastle at the beach or learning to ride a bike. We will also put pictures of your child on Showbie to show you what learning they have been doing at school. 



This children will have literacy and maths flashcards that they take home and will need to learn. There will also be some fine motor activities linked to the sounds we are learning each week. The children will also have creative homework every half term which is uploaded to Showbie.