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w/c 23.3.20

Titanic Writing Task (25.3.20)

Can you write a recount from the perspective of a first, second or third class passenger from when they boarded the ship. To help you envision this, attached is a link to the boarding scene from the film Titanic for you to watch before you start writing

Think about the following things: 

  • How do you think they were feeling?
  • What do you think they could see, smell, hear, taste or touch as they walked on to the ship and found their room?
  • Who would they have seen? What would they have been doing?
  • Who would they have been with, who would they have came into contact with?

Remember to edit, improve and redraft your work once you have written it (you can choose just one paragraph to do this with like we do in class). If you do not have access to a thesaurus or dictionary at home to up level your vocabulary and check your spellings try to use an online one. I look forward to reading what you have written!