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w/c 23.3.20

Relative Pronouns (25.3.20)

relative pronoun is a word which is used to refer back to nouns which have already been mentioned in the sentence. Relative pronouns can describe people, things (including animals), places and abstract ideas. They can also be used to join two parts of a complex sentence, using relative clauses.


Below are the relative pronouns that you need to know: 

  • Who - Referring to people.
  • Which - Referring to things.
  • When - Referring to a time or time period.
  • Where - Referring to a place.
  • Whose - The possessive form of ‘who’.
  • That - Can be used to refer to people or things.


Look at the sentences below and complete each one by choosing the correct relative pronoun in brackets.
1. The house ____________ Jack built is large. (who/that)
2. I saw a man ____________ I thought was Ben's father. (who/which)
3. Sam told me ____________ films would be good to see. (that/which)
4. Can you remember ____________ Dad parked the car? (where/who)
5. The driver told us ____________ train to catch. (that/which)
6. I hear ____________ William eats squid. (which/that)
7. He's not the kind of person ____________ laughs at others. (who/which)
8. Have you told everyone ____________ the party will be? (where/who)
9. This is the house ____________ Grandma used to live. (that/where)
10. Could you tell me ____________ way we should go? (where/which)
11. I'm sure ____________ you'll pass the exam. (that/which)
12. Tom admitted ____________ he broke the plate. (which/that)

Can you come up with any of your own that include any of the relative pronouns in bold at the top?