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w/c 27.4.20

Some of the reading activities have the answers for them at the end so that you can check your work. Please only look at these once you have completed the questions so that you can check your answers. If you have any questions email them to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Extra Optional Writing Activities


Talk 4 Writing

Talk4Writing is a great resource for developing creative writing and writing styles. They are putting out a series of books that look at different writing genres and give the children the opportunity to practice different writing techniques. You can find this weeks booklet by clicking on the link below:



Use the blog to practise your writing skills by letting us know what you have been up to. 


Additional Writing

You could cook with a family member and create some instructions on what you did or you could write a story on a topic of your choice! Get creative and write what you want but I am setting you one rule and that is you MUST email me what you have written - I am missing reading your wonderful, creative stories and need something to put a smile on my face!