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Health & Safety

Health and Safety is the top priority for the academy to ensure all children, staff, governors and visitors are safe and well cared for.

We hope that your children will take care of their own personal property. The Academy cannot take responsibility for the loss of or damage to items brought from home.

Please ensure all clothing is clearly named.

Mobile phones or electronic games / players should not be brought to the academy. If required for after academy use, they should be taken to the office in the morning for safe keeping.

For health and safety reasons, jewellery should not be worn.
If earrings have to be worn, studs are only permitted. Studs must be removed for PE and it is not suitable for them to be covered with plasters. If children are unable to take their earrings out for PE, they will have to work in another class as we cannot risk accidents occurring.

Nail varnish and tattoos should not be worn.

We do not permit aerosol sprays for obvious reasons. It is suggested that older children have a roll-on deodorant in their bags for PE days.

High heels on shoes or flip-flop style sandals are not safe as children need to be able to run around safely.

We do not encourage children wearing boots in the Academy. If children are wearing boots or wellies to school in the winter, they need to bring a suitable change of indoor footwear, in line with our school uniform policy.

Risk Assessments are carried out by the Miss Garner, Mr Bane (our caretaker) and any other staff involved with particular activities. These are agreed and monitored by our Trust Estates Manager.

We receive annual Health and Safety audits from an external company to ensure we are fully compliant in all areas.